Friday, 24 January 2014

Get Started with Android Application Development

This post is for novices interested in starting Android Application Development.  More people are now relying on smartphones and tablets to stay connected and Android is the current leading mobile platform.  Therefore the opportunities for Android app developers are enormous.

To start developing Android apps, lets see what are the tools that we require:
1.  Android requires the Java Development kit (JDK) version 5 or higher.  This can be downloaded here.
2. Next we have to download the ADT Bundle.  This can be downloaded here.

The ADT Bundle includes:
1. Eclipse IDE:  Eclipse is the recommended integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Android apps.
2. Android SDK: The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the tools that we need to develop, test and debug Android apps.
3. ADT Plugin:  The Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin for Eclipse allows us to use the Android SDK tools to develop Android apps in the Eclipse IDE.
4. Android Emulator:  The Android Emulator is helpful if ever we don't have any Android smartphone/tablet.  The emulator allows us to run Android apps in a simulated environment on our machine rather than on an actual Android device.

Extract the Zip file and install the required software.  The next step will be to create our Android Virtual Device (AVD).  Basically this will be the simulated version of the physical device on which we want to test our app.  A tutorial for doing this is available here.

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